Footage: man smashes Internet cafe after being advised not to smoke

A man smoked at an Internet cafe while using a computer in Wuhan, Hubei Province last Friday and disregarded warnings from the cafe assistant. After the man’s computer was shut forcibly, he rushed to the service desk to beat the workers and damaged the desk. The case is under investigation while local police officers have reminded smokers to obey the rules.

Many cities in China have enacted smoking restrictions in public places, however, the bans have been confronted with difficulties. Beijing launched “the most restrictive ban on smoking in history”, dubbed by many netizens, since June 1 last year. The ban has seen some effects as 1353 smokers had been discouraged by law enforcement officers within two months, with penalties accumulating to 250,000 yuan (38,250 US dollars).

However, a large number of smokers still turn a blind eye to the no-smoking signs in many public places. Many smokers claim that no one comes to dissuade their acts. “If our customers don’t complain, I would leave the smokers alone”, an Internet cafe worker told Bahai Morning Post.

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