Footage: Woman lashes out at baby in pram after quarrel with couple

A surveillance video of a young woman arguing with a couple, before pushing their pram and baby to the ground has emerged online and gone viral on Chinese social media.

The surveillance footage was taken at Hangzhou subway station on Tuesday, and shows a young woman in a heated argument with a couple, and ends up with the woman deliberately pushing over the couple’s pram to its side, with their baby sitting inside. According to Qianbao news, the woman, surnamed Hu, claimed that her iPad had been accidentally knocked down to the ground by the couple, and while confronting them, she expressed her anger but got kicked in the stomach by the baby’s father.

To show the couple how it feels to have something they love dearly knocked to the ground, she rushed forward and knocked over the pram. Although the baby was confirmed later as being unhurt, this aggressive and dangerous behavior provoked even more fury, with the man then kicking the woman even harder in the stomach. She was reportedly severely injured, due to her abdominal area still healing after a caesarean operation three months earlier.

The two sides have now shaken hands after their altercation. Miss Hu said she was very regretful for what she did, and the couple paid 3000 yuan to compensate for Miss Hu’s medical fees.

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