Former Philippine official: US behind the South China Sea tension

A former Philippine official says some western countries escalate the tensions in the South China Sea, rather than China.

Butch Valde, former undersecretary of the Philippine Department of Education, says some countries are behind the intensifying tensions in the South China Sea.

On the contrary, he says China has been pursuing the negotiations all along.

SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH)BUTCH VALDE, Former undersecretary of Philippine Department of Education
“If you look at China, and its history, there is nothing in their recent history to be expansionist and imperialist in their move. If you look at US, UK, Europe, what they have been doing, we can see that there is a move by the western powers, led by UK and the United States towards escalating war. And it is not just us seeing this. The whole world has been warning about this. That is address towards China. We must wake up and see this as a reality much more than seeing China intending to invade the Philippines.”

In 2013, the Philippines unilaterally initiated an arbitration case against China over the South China Sea dispute before an international tribunal in The Hague.

The move has brought the regional issue to a world news highlight.

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