Former U.S. president Clinton confirms progress of wind power project in Panama

A group of wind turbines in the Panamanian province of Cocle have a special new name: Bill Clinton.

By a handshake and embrace to local partner on Nov. 10, the former United States president confirmed the progress of the Penonomé Wind Farm, which was established through the help of the Clinton Foundation.

(Soundbite) Bill Clinton, Former U.S. President
“Every place in Central America and the Caribbean is able to generate all the electricity in your country from the water, the waves, the heat, the sun, the pressure under the earth and geothermal. Panama is leading the way, building this new modern third attempt to connect more closely at the world in a positive way through.”

Clinton is currently on a tour of Latin America, which alsol includes El Salvador and Peru, to promote green energy ventures.

Penonomé Wind Farm is by far the largest one of its kind in the region with an upcoming investment of about 436 million U.S. dollars dedicated to its second and third construction phases.

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