Fried rice Guinness record annulled due to waste

Guinness World Records Ltd. on Monday confirmed that a group of 300 people who cooked four tonnes of fried rice in Yangzhou failed to break the world record because some of the food was wasted.

This decision came after reports that the rice was used as pig feed.

This year marks the 2,500th anniversary of the establishment of Yangzhou, a well-known tourist city in east China.

And as part of the celebrations, 300 people spent four hours last Friday cooking over 4 tonnes of Yangzhou fried rice.

The fried rice, flavored with sea cucumber and other ingredients, broke the Guinness world record, which had been held by Turkey.

Organizers had said that the delicacy would be distributed to students of four schools.

But an unnamed Yangzhou tourism bureau official said 150 kilograms of the rice was not delivered because it had been stored for more than four hours and was unsuitable for people to eat.

According to Guinness Greater China marketing director Sharon Yang, the organizers acknowledged that 150 kilograms of the rice was improperly disposed of.

She said products created in any record attempt involving food must be eaten and not wasted.

So they have notified the organizers that the record will not stand.

The event, reportedly costing about 22,000 U.S. dollars, was also widely criticized by the public, with many saying that it’s a shame to waste grain.

An official from the Yangzhou tourism bureau said they accept the criticism, saying it was carelessness that resulted in some rice being unfit for human consumption.

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