From an Asian Dream to a European Dream – The Belt and Road Initiative

Episode Hot Comments on the Belt and Road Initiative by International Community
Episode 2: The Belt and Road Initiative from an Asian Dream to an European Dream
Subtitle The Belt and Road Initiative promotes to realize the connectivity between Asia and Europe
Interview Vertes
President of Hungarian Institute of Economic Research
This program connects Europe and Asia. And that’s why it is a very good program. Because Asia and Europe are now on the phase in which some problems of these big big economies are the same. So all Asia and all Europe need new drivers, new economic drivers, new economic growth drivers. And this “One Belt” (“One Road, One Belt”), this Silk Road, this new Silk Road is good help in connecting Europe and Asia. So it is a very good idea.
For European countries, it will be much easier to reach Asian market, and on the other hand from the Chinese companies to reach the European market will be much easier. Now for example, the road on the sea to Europe to China it needs roughly a month, and this new possibility will open the door for ten days connection between Europe and China, which is a very good idea.
Interview Gerhard Sabathil
Director for East Asia and the Pacific in the European External Action Service
What the President has proposed is for the European’s long term feature: connectivity, cooperation, a single market, standards, (and) transport network. This is all in the origin and genes of the European Union. Therefore we are embracing this concept. And it’s important that all countries along the road will also benefit from this. And this project will find ownership in all the countries along the Silk Road, the maritime and road. Then I think it will be a successful project.
Interview Jan Kohout
Adviser to the President, Czech Republic Office of the President
I have to say that the follow in the Czech Republic this initiative of “One Belt, One Road” or the new Silk Road was a great interest. I would say that, you know, there is not such a huge knowledge about that initiative. So I think that my presence here will serve as one of the channels through which I will channel to back to Prague and to the Czech Republic the possibilities which are giving by this initiative to the Czech Republic. You know, my President, myself, and the government, we support this initiative. And we would like to be an integral part. We see there is a great opportunity for Europe, the European countries, and also for the Asian countries.
Subtitle The Belt and Road Initiative promotes to realize the people-to-people bond of the countries along the Belt and Road
Interview Stephen
Senior Fellow/Researcher at Lund University, Sweden
The “One Belt, One Road” policy or idea is a great policy, because connecting countries can’t be wrong. Creating connectivity can’t be wrong. I think it is a chance also economically. But what I think at the moment there is a lot of focus on infrastructure, on finance. But Xi Jinping also emphasized it is a road of hearts. So I think that people to people exchange is something that many mentioned, but there is not the same effort in making this “One Road, One Belt” a way for people to connect.
Interview GYÖRGY László
Hungarian economic policy analyst
I think it is an excellent initiative. I have to say first. And it goes beyond just connecting economically, building the infrastructure, the physical infrastructure, the info-communication infrastructure and the immaterial infrastructure. I mean regulations, rules, common goals, common rules, common regulations between Asia and Europe. It is about connecting civilizations and cultures and people. What I can read out from the new “Road and Belt” initiative, it might open a new very peaceful era in the global politics world politics.
Interview Luigi Gambardella
President of ChinaEU
I think that this is a very important initiative, and demonstrated the fact that China as a vision, another ambition, and in today world, it’s a very important vision and ambition. And I like also very much the idea and the sense of “common destiny”. So we are here together, and we are try to work for a better world. I think that the initiative launched by the President Xi Jinping also is very important for Europe because this initiative is an initiative which we have discussed these days with the aim to connect not only to infrastructure, immaterial infrastructure, but also connecting people.

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