From Chinese confidence to Chinese contribution – The Belt and Road Initiative

Episode Hot Comments on the Belt and Road Initiative by International Community
Episode 5: The Belt and Road Initiative from Chinese confidence to Chinese contribution
Subtitle The Belt and Road Initiative shows China’s style of major power
Interview Zheng Yongnian
Director of East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore
For China itself, as I understand, because China’s major goal is still to achieve sustainable economic development. To sustain economic development is very important for China, you know, to go global, what China called “zou chu qu”. (China’s) productive capacity are very much needed by other developing countries. Also more importantly, China also has the skill. So capital, capacity and skill, those three things combined, you know, give lots of dynamic for China’s going global strategy.
Interview Bruce W. McConnell
Senior Vice President of East West Institute
The Belt and Road Initiative is very very visionary and exciting. It is going to be beneficial to countries all around China’s borders and will also help China maintain political and economic stability within its borders. It is a long-term vision which reflects the Chinese ability to plan and see far in the future which is very important especially in today’s world where things are changing so fast.
Interview Zheng Yongnian
Director of East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore
Because in this world we have different ideology, different political regime, different political system. People sometimes, you know, view other countries on the cultural, ideological barriers. I would say, you know, I think it doesn’t matter, you know, China should be confident, we should be confident enough to go ahead as long as we do good for other countries. Other countries would accept that. Even United States, democracy, human rights, if you look at the Middle East people, I don’t think people there will appreciate it even if you have a wonderful purpose but in reality, you know, your army is there, you know, you cause more problem than you solve problems, right? So that’s no problem. As rising power, as a responsible international player, China should do lots of this project. This kind of project like “One Belt One Road”, you know, to benefit other countries.
Subtitle The Belt and Road Initiative boosts the rebalance of the world economy
Interview Venkatachalam Anbumozhi
Senior Economist at the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia, ERIA
If you see these East Asian Countries, here we do have China, Mongolia and Korea passing through Southeast Asia and southern part of China. I think if it is very devised, if we transform the territory into economic corridors and bring benefits, I think it will create co-prosperity. And also to these regions, people are lagging and some of the same inclusive growth is not taking place, the disparity and the gap between the regions, the development. If it is well designed, it can bring the inclusive growth for other countries. And also it could bring integrity, across these economies.
Interview Zheng Yongnian
Director of East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore
Because if you look at “One Belt One Road”, along the “One Belt”, along the “One Road”, except for a few countries like Singapore, most countries are developing country, many countries are very poor. They desperately need to develop their economy. They don’t have enough capital, they don’t have capacity, you know, they don’t have skill. So that’s why so many countries, you know, support China initiative.
Interview Libor Secka
Ambassador of the Czech Republic to China
We are in the time of globalization. We are in the time which information is very quickly transmitted. We are in the time we have to cooperate together, because we are so close. It’s our common goal. So I think it’s a good initiative. This initiative goes into the right way. It is another proof of the responsibility for the development of the world. And I think we have to solve our responsibility for the world and try to find the best thing for the common development. And I think this (“One Belt and One Road”) this is going to this direction.
Interview Zheng Yongnian
Director of East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore
Until today, the world economy is still unbalanced. Well, this as many years ago, like the two ages, you know, global financial crisis, was the result of global economy imbalance. But China’s “One Belt One Road” initiative is to help the development in local economy in developing world. So in long run, it will also help, you know, to rebalance world economy. So I would say this is really, you know, an important project initiated by a rising great power, you know, that’s China, you know, if you look around the whole world, now only China now has this capacity, has this skill, also has the determination to do this sort of project.

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