From Chinese proposal to global opportunity – The Belt and Road Initiative

Episode Hot Comments on the Belt and Road Initiative by International Community
Episode 3: The Belt and Road Initiative from a Chinese Proposal to a Global Opportunity
Subtitle The Belt and Road Initiative boosting the global economic connectivity
Interview Libor Secka
Ambassador of the Czech Republic to China
I think this is (a) very good in time initiative for China but also for the world. Because the world is becoming more and more interdependent, more and more connected, so we need some mechanism, we need some ways how we can communicate, how we can put together people and how we can exchange more quickly and more efficiently our goods. So we very much welcome this initiative.
Interview Arthur Kroeber
Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy, Brookings-Tsinghua Center
And I think the “One Belt, One Road” initiative is also a very constructive way for China to play a larger role in economic development in the region. And again I think it’s being proposed in a way that implies there is a cooperation between China and its investment trade partners, it’s not simply China going out and making decisions for the people. So I think both of them are quite positive initiatives, should be very constructive for the region.
Interview Benjamin Krasner
Director of Bureau of Economic and Asian Affairs, Centre for Policy Studies, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
It is interesting to see the forward thinking is that we are into conceiving this plan of “One belt One road”. We certainly look at this from the relative perspective. We follow closely the lines and see how they lead to our part of the world, and did convergent in Israel. It is one of the reasons why we have interest in this program. And we find it one of the potentials of regional cooperation which we strongly support as well as potential for close cooperation between us and China. So I think that we look forward in the coming months and years to discuss better with China how we can be a part of this and how we can help to make this vision a reality.
Interview Tadeusz Chomicki
Ambassador of Poland to China
As far as the “Belt” and “Road” concept that has been presented by President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Li Keqiang, we consider it’s very important project, it’s very interesting project. It’s still a very rather general concept, which is open for different interpretations; it’s open for different specific projects within this concept. But it gives a good basis for changing the nature of cooperation.
Subtitle The Belt and Road Initiative marking the world new trend in the 21st century
Interview Ricardo Melendez Ortiz
Chief Executive of International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD), Switzerland
And with policies that are in that direction China has taken in the 11th and 12th five-year plan that kind of policy direction that was undertaken in the third plenum, that is innovation, inclusiveness and environmental integrity. If those countries really are supported to be integrated into the global economy with that type of policy direction, what China is doing means transformational potential and is a great benefit to the rest of the world. Not just to China or the region or the countries involved.
Interview Carlos Magarinos
Chairman of Global Alliance of SME(GASME), Former UNIDO Director General
I believe that One Belt One Road initiative summarized the experience Chinese leadership has on the Chinese development proper, very well harmonized set of infrastructure investments, facilitated the interaction between cities, regions and the integration of economic activities. I see in the “One belt, One road” initiatives, the same concept translated into a much broader goal of framework, involving regional partners first, and then partners beyond the region to participate in a common endeavor of growing prospects of prosperity for the world at large.
Interview John Kirton
Political science professor at the University of University of Toronto
What’s admirable about the New Silk Road is that it’s not just connecting China, it’s connecting China to Europe. Right? And that’s the world that we need. But we need that New Silk Road not to be like the ones in the 19th century where the locomotors along the tracks burnt of coal. We need to be a clean green Silk Road, so I think what we need President Xi to do is to take two of the great concepts: the Silk Belt and Road, and put it together with this other one ecological civilization. And I think that would be a powerful practical symbol of how the world as a whole needs to go as the 21st century unfolds.

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