Giant ‘Fish King’ weighing 90 kg caught in Hangzhou

A giant black carp, weighing 90 kilograms and 175-cm in length, was retrieved from Qiandao Lake in Hangzhou on Sunday. The catch took the fishermen by surprise, the moment it was pulled out of the water.

According to Qianjiang Evening News, it is the heaviest and longest fish that has ever been found in Qiandao Lake. A fisherman told the newspaper that if such a big fish were to hit an adult person with its tail, it could “cause him to faint.”

Not surprisingly, the creature was given the name the “Fish King”, and was taken to a breeding base amid worries that it could have been hurt in the fishing process.

The Qianjiang Evening News later reported that the fish died a few hours after it was caught. The cause of death is still unknown, but experts guess it was either because it was injured when being caught or because the giant fish was too tough to yield itself.

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