Giant panda Xinxin celebrates birthday in Macao

A giant panda in Macao has celebrated her eighth birthday.

Xinxin is one of two giant pandas given by China’s central government two months ago as a gift to the city.

A special party thrown for giant panda Xinxin — with an “ice cake” made out of juice with fresh fruits and vegetables on the top, and dozens of little panda fans singing “happy birthday song” to her in the panda pavilion at Seac Pai Van Park.

“We are happy because Xinxin is happy.”

Xinxin, along with another panda, Kaikai, arrived in Macao on April 30 as gifts from the central government.

They are here to replace a former pair, also bearing the same names, after the former Xinxin died of kidney failure in June last year.

The former pair came to Macao as gifts for the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Macao’s return to China.

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