Girl makes a splash after falling into river during argument

Footage shot on a passerby’s mobile phone recorded the dramatic moment a girl fell into a fast-moving river in the city of Leshan in southwest China’s Sichuan Province on Thursday morning. The young girl, seen wearing a mask in the footage, stands on the edge of a bridge, apparently in a fragile emotional state of mind as she threatens to jump during an argument with a middle-age woman who can be seen sat in front of her, chastising her and imploring her not to do something she might regret. Dozens of locals nearby gathered to try and persuade the teenager to return to dry land.
Local police and firemen soon arrived on the scene to try and get the emotional girl to calm down. However, in her agitated state, the girl lost her footing and suddenly plunged backwards into the river, to the horror of all those watching. A policeman at the scene immediately jumped into the water fully clothed, and pulled the girl to safety.
It is reported that the girl was a high-school student. Because of some personal problems she had been going through, she felt she had been wronged and took this rash step to express her emotions. It remains unclear how she is connected to the older woman who sat in front of her.

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