Girl miraculously survives after being run over by SUV

A 7-year-old girl who was run over by an SUV in Liupanshui city, in southwest China’s Guizhou Province, on February 14 miraculously survived the crash without having suffered any major injuries.

Footage of the incident shows the girl attempting to cross the street with her mother when an SUV was turning around the corner. The girl is then seen suddenly running to cross before the SUV runs her over. Following the crash, she was immediately rushed to a hospital, where doctors diagnosed her as having suffered minor fractures in her legs.

The driver says that he didn’t notice the girl at all as she suddenly rushed in front of his car, giving him no time to swerve away. Local police investigating the case have also said that it was the girl’s sudden movement that had led to the accident.

According to the World Health Organization’s representative in China, Bernhard Schwartländer, traffic accidents in the mainland kill up to 10,000 children each year. Speaking last year at a forum in Beijing, Schwartländer had called for the country to implement tougher traffic laws.

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