Golden bridge reflecting silk road glory displayed in central Beijing

A giant sculpture “Silk-Road on Golden Bridge” goes on display on the sidewalk of Chang’an Avenue in central Beijing during the National Day holiday.

The 28-meter-long bridge sculpture is made up of 20,000 golden bricks the same size as those used to make the Great Wall of China.

Designed by Chinese artist Shu Yong, the design of the bridge is based Zhaozhou Bridge, which was built over 1,400 years ago in north China and is still in use.

The gold color comes from artificial amber that enables people to see inside each brick, revealing national flowers from dozens of countries along the land and maritime Silk Road.

They are not real flowers, but made of silk – partly explaining the title “Silk-Road on Golden Bridge”, derived from the ancient Silk Road and China’s “Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road” initiative.

The Silk Road represents ancient China’s prosperity and wisdom, which inspired him to build a cultural bridge between East and West, as well as a gesture of friendship, says Shu.

The “Golden Bridge” had been selected to be displayed on the Milan Expo, which was held last year in Milan, Italy.

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