Good bye, South Korean President Park Geun-hye?

South Korean President Park Geun-hye’s days at the Blue House are numbered after she left it up to parliament to decide when she leaves office in an announcement on Tuesday. But the biggest opposition group, the Democratic Party, turned down Park’s offer, seeing it as a political maneuver to keep herself in power while parliament debates her proposal. Her offer did put the burden of calming the country’s restive citizens on parliament, which has been led by allied opposition parties since the president’s conservative Saenuri Party failed to clinch a majority in elections this year. If parliament votes to impeach Park, that will trigger a mandatory election in 60 days to nominate a president. After weeks of massive protests and loss of confidence in her ability to lead the country, is this the end of Park’s presidency? Joining the discussion are Yang Xiyu from the China Institute of International Studies; Eunjung Lim from Johns Hopkins University; and Sung-Yoon Lee from Tufts University.

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