Government highlights multi-national rescue work in Ecuador

Rescue operations carried out by overseas teams were highlighted by the government in Quito on April 20, four days after the magnitude-7.8 earthquake jolted Ecuador, claiming almost 600 lives so far.

(Soundbite) Luis Jaramillo, Minister of Risk Management
“When the disaster came, the first thing was to make salvation, especially search and rescue. I very much appreciate the engagement of the delegations from Mexico, Spain, El Salvador, Cuba, Peru, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela.”

At the ECU911 center built by China National Electronics Import and Export Corp. to integrate national resources and information for dealing with emergency, the minister was updated about the rescue expeditions nationwide, visually and statistically.

(Soundbite) Luis Jaramillo, Minister of Risk Management
“These people (from neighboring countries) are working everywhere. Victims are supposed to be trapped. I think it is very important to successfully recover human lives.”

Within the four days after the tremor, the ECU911 center handled over 20,000 cases in all, connecting the clues and helping dispatch the materials from all directions to facilitate any citizen in need of help.

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