Government supporters march to denounce fraud in Venezuela opposition

Hundreds of supporters of the Venezuelan government marched through central Caracas on June 17 to denounce the opposition coalition for forging signatures to trigger a recall referendum against President Nicolas Maduro.

(Soundbite) Maria de Jesus Figuera, Fraud Victim
“When I check (the list), I found my data. And I felt so helpless that I went to CNE to check my data again. It appeared as if I had signed those forms. But no, it was not so.”

Protesters claimed that the opposition conducted “manipulation and deception” and violated the national sovereignty, while disclosing “signature forgery and use of false acts”.

(Soundbite) Anthony Rivas, Fraud Victim
“As we went to verify our signatures, we found them forged. Even we can question the whole process raised on the table by the right force. They may have picked up some signatures, in which many people as us were victims as they falsified our signatures and used our names. ”

The government opponents submitted 1.8 million signatures one month ago as the first step of a referendum to recall Maduro. The National Electoral Council (CNE) has overruled that more than 600,000 signatures as incomplete or falsified.

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