Government to buy Olympic tickets to boost sagging sales

Sports Minister Ricardo Leyer told the press on April 7 in Rio de Janeiro that the government will buy some tickets of the 2016 Olympic Games and Paralympics for distribution in public schools.

Four months prior to the Olympic Games, just over half tickets of the Olympics are sold.
For the Paralympics, the sales are even weaker – 12 percent of the total.

(Soundbite) RICARDO LEYSER, Sports Minister
“I tell everyone that you have the possibility to see the best Olympic and Paralympic athletes in all sports, even in sports that you are not used to watching. For example, a game of badminton played at the highest level is a sensational experience.”

The organizing committee still expects significant increase in sales of Olympic tickets in the coming months, because the Brazilians have habit of leaving everything to the last minute.

(Soundbite) RICARDO LEYSER, Sports Minister
“There are many tickets hard to sell. The opening ceremony and the swimming events are sold out, but there are also some other sports waiting to be bought. The Brazilians have a problem of not knowing about all the Olympic sports and have no tradition of watching live.”

The sports minister expects the Olympic Games to change the mindset of the Brazilians, who used to be mainly passionate about certain events like football and volleyball.
For example, the distribution of tickets in public schools will make more youth know about sports other than their traditional favorites.

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