Gray whales spend mating season in northwestern Mexico

The giant maritime mammal is a heartthrob for the visitors, as they frolic with each other in the gray whale sanctuary in Mexico’s Pacific state of Baja California Sur in the start of January.

(Soundbite) ENRIQUE ACHOY, Service Provider
“Eighteen to 20 whales have sought to court tourists. Among them we know eight adults and one baby. Since December 21, they have become active and started working for tourism.”

Altogether five sanctuaries in the state’s coastal area have provided a natural shelter for these mammoth friends, who traveled more than 10,000 kilometers from the Bering Sea at northern tip of the American Continent to arrive here for their cycle of mating, giving birth and breeding .

(Soundbite) ENRIQUE ACHOY, Service Provider
“Last year we had over 2,700 whales only in this lagoon, including more than 900 births.”

The management team of the sanctuaries has trained tour guides and service providers to facilitate whale-watching program as well protect the docile animal.

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