Greeks worry about VAT increase

Greek government has announced a raise on Value Added Tax, known as VAT. To the measure, Greeks have something to say.

SOUNDBITE (GREEK): YANNIS LIXOURGIOTIS, Restaurant owner (07:03 – 07:18)
“I believe that the VAT increase will affect our turnover. It already felt during the last three weeks after the imposition of capital controls and the closure of the banks. I believe this will continue for some time.”

SOUNDBITE (GREEK): LEONTIS, Pensioner (11:19 – 11:47)
“VAT rate should remain low so that people with low incomes will not suffer. I find natural that the increase for the luxury products dose not benefit anyone, as beverages and cigarettes. I think that the residents on the small islands where tourism is not developed should not be burdened by high VAT rates.”

SOUNDBITE (GREEK): VASSILIS KONSTANTINIDISok shpe, Customer (04:35 – 04:55)
“We have not yet felt the increase of VAT because it is the second day after the introduction of the measure. But our finances were affected by the closure of the banks. The small amounts of money that we have are blocked and it’s hard to go every day to the bank for 60 euros.”

Negotiations on Greece’s third bailout in five years will start in Athens after the country’s parliament on Thursday approved a second set of crucial reforms demanded by creditors.

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