Guardians of wildlife in tibet

Tibet has a vast territory, a varied climate and an abundance of natural resources, which provide a comfortable habitat for many rare wild animals.

In Tibet, there is a group of wildlife guardians.

Throughout the year, they dedicate themselves to accompany and protect those wildlife.

In late summer, the Qiangtang plateau in northern Tibet becomes the feeding ground for flocks of Tibetan antelopes.

And wild animals like kiangs, Tibetan gazelle and yak pasture casually everywhere.

Several kilometers away, wildlife guardian Tashi Phuntsok is holding his telescope to observe those animals.

A motorbike, a telescope and a cellphone compose his whole work facility.

31-year-old Tashi became a wildlife guardian four years ago.

Born near the lake, Tashi has two homes.

One is in the north of Serling Lake in Lhoma town, where live his wife and his two adorable kids; another is this vast Serling National Nature Reserve in the north of Tibet, here also live his concerned “children”, all living creatures of Serling.

SOUNDBITE (TIBETAN): Tashi Phuntsok, Wildlife guardian
“During these four years, every day I come to the lake four times to inspect the situation of animals and environments. I like my job because I believe in the equality of all beings and my job is committing to this faith. I want to do this job until my life ends.”

In the past four years, Tashi with his colleagues have ridden their motors across every land of the nature reserve, struggling to crack down wildlife poaching and guard the serene on this pure land.

Due to efforts of wildlife guardians like Tashi, 80% important habitats of endangered animals and living environment of plants in Tibet have been effectively protected.

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