Halloween mask and outfit of drug lord reflect grassroots humor of Mexicans

Put on the mask, and the pretty girl immediately turns into the notorious drug lord El Chapo Guzman, of course, in a frolic way.

Together with his prison uniform, these are the best sellers in this fashion shop in downtown Mexico City, right before Halloween on Oct. 31 and the Day of the Dead on Nov. 1 and 2.

Guzman has broken prison for twice in recent years and is now still at large.

(Soundbite) Andrea Roquenil, Shopkeeper
“In this situation we live in the same country with this man (at large). The truth is that people lend him great popularity, but the government has been mocked (for failing to catch him). Then comes the mask of El Chapo. Shoppers see his mask and become crazy. His costumes and masks are selling like hot cakes.”

Wearing eerie or horror masks and costumes is the traditional way for the Mexicans to celebrate the year-end festivals, while making fun of each other and releasing daily pressure.

(Soundbite) Alexxa Dias, Shopkeeper
“We have different types of masks, including those of political figures like state governor and former president. They are made and sold for mockery. We all make fun of them. Right now we have El Chapo as the latest addition.”

On the back of the Guzman outfit printed the words “It was not high security prison,” which annotates that the humiliation the government suffers from his jailbreaks has made him a hero.

Now, you won’t doubt it, the Mexicans have their own way of humor to explain politics.

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