Hangzhou fast growing city with slow lifestyle

Jin Hua, Korean, is a BBQ restaurant owner who has lived in Hangzhou for 7 years.

What does Hangzhou look like in eyes of Jin?

SOUNDBITE (Chinese): Jin Hua, Korean living in Hangzhou
“Hangzhou gives me an impression that it is a leisure city. It also has cultural heritage. People enjoy slow-paced lifestyles here.”

But it is also a city developing fast and a city of modernization.

Growth and preservation are equally important.

SOUNDBITE (Chinese): Jin Hua, Korean living in Hangzhou
“Hangzhou is a city which boasts long history and rich culture in the past. Now I think it is a city which combines culture and modernization. Such a city is one of the best in China.”

Jin aims high to have his own company.

He believes upcoming G20 Summit will bring more opportunities.

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