Heatwave and rains could worsen Zika epidemic

The combination of increased temperature and the rainy season in Mexico could trigger a major outbreak of the Zika virus in the coming months if prevention measures are not implemented in time.
(Soundbite, Spanish) – Malachi Lopez, Head of the Department of Public Health, UNAM
“When the temperature starts to increase, it is likely that Mexico will see an outbreak of great magnitude, as has been seen in Brazil and as has been seen in Colombia. The large population group that still remains to be affected is in Mexico. ”
Although the expert from UNAM indicated that Mexico should not be alarmed by the Zika virus, he added that the matter must be given the importance it deserves, as it is essential to combat the proliferation of the mosquito through prevention campaigns and by informing the population.
(Soundbite, Spanish) – Malachi Lopez, Head of the Department of Public Health, UNAM
“From here to the rainy season, we have to prepare many resources and people trained to not only carry out traditional activities, such as fumigating homes, but to actively involve the population.”
Since the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a global alert against the virus, on February 1, Mexican federal and state authorities have reinforced the spreading of messages in mass media for people to help reduce the possibility of being bit by mosquitoes.
A global alert for Zika arose after Brazil reported cases of babies born with microcephaly, after the mothers were infected with the virus during pregnancy.

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