Hero bus driver saves 12 lives, loses his in E China

A bus driver in east China’s Zhejiang Province was able to save the lives of 12 passengers but lost his during a terrifying accident on Friday.
The 48-year-old operator, identified by his surname Bi, instinctively braked the coach when a truck’s wheel unexpectedly rammed into the windshield, taking his life on the spot.
Surveillance camera footage shows the driver pressing on the brake as he faced the last moments of his life, reducing the speed of the vehicle from 34 kilometers per hour to 19 kilometers per hour in a split of a second, before lying still on the dashboard. His manoeuver saved the bus from veering in the river channel flanking the path.
According to the, a wheel from a truck in front of the bus suddenly fell and bounced off a black car driving on the opposite lane, hitting directly the bus driver.
An official from the local bus company said “stopping the bus was the driver’s instinctive reaction.” Six passengers on the bus were slightly injured. Meanwhile, the driver’s act of courage was recognized with a posthumous “model bus driver” award.

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