Hero fireman takes burning gas cylinder from blazing home

A brave firefighter became an online hero after a video showing his extreme act of courage while he was dealing with a burning house in Kunming, southwest China’s Yunnan Province on Tuesday afternoon.
The firefighter was dispatched to the scene after an LPG cylinder exploded in the house’s kitchen engulfing it in flames. Recognizing the danger of the LPG cylinder in a fire situation, which could easily explode a second time, he first tried to close the cylinder’s valve using his water pistol. When that failed he turned to more drastic measures.   
The brave firefighter was seen putting his life at risk by picking up the leaking cylinder, which was still on fire, and carrying it down a set of stairs and outside. The blazing cylinder was then extinguished after it was placed on the ground.
Only one person has been reported hurt so far. A man who was cooking at the time the fire broke out received injuries to his hand and forehead. Currently, further investigations over the cause of leak are underway.

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