Hilltop lighthouse in west Mexico becomes world’s tallest

Hilltop lighthouse in west Mexico becomes world’s tallest

This lighthouse built on the mountain in Mexico’s west state of Sinaloa silently watches over 60 ships ferry into the Pacific port of Mazatlan day and night from Europe and the Far East.

Local people and scholars now allege it as the world’s tallest lighthouse built on natural terrains, 157 meters above the sea level.

(Soundbite) Dolores Hernandez, College Professor
“This lighthouse is the world’s tallest natural lighthouse. Formerly it was the second tallest as the lighthouse on Rock of Gibraltar (in Spain) was the first. After it stopped working, ours became the world’s tallest natural lighthouse.”

Situated over the largest port and sight-seeing spot along Mexico’s Pacific coast, the lighthouse has been a landmark since its maiden operation around 1828, and attracted boats as well as visitors incessantly.

(Soundbite) Omar Montion, Businessman
“As for Mazatlan, it is an icon. It is the No. 1 lighthouse built naturally. It is our privilege to have it here.”

Surviving decades of erosion and vandalism, the Mazatlan lighthouse still retains its rotating vigor, brightening the way for brave seamen and telling visitors about the splendor of Mexico’s long maritime history.

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