Honduras registers over 11,000 cases of Zika

Alarm bells are ringing in Honduras. The health authorities in the country have now registered over 11,000 cases of the Zika virus and estimate that at least 40 pregnant women have been infected. One of these is Cinthia Aleman, from the municipality of Teupasenti, in the department of el Paraíso, who is receiving medical care.

(SOUNDBITE, Spanish) Cinthia Aleman, pregnant woman suffering from Zika
“I had a headache, fever, joint pain and a rash. My baby is well, thank God. No problem has been detected, they made an examination with an ultrasound and nothing appeared.”

On January 29, President Juan Orlando Hernandez sent a message to the whole country, declaring that a national alert had been declared against Zika. He also announced the start of large scale operations, involving public institutions, the private sector and the army, to fight against the Aedes aegypti mosquito and destroy its breeding sites.

Last week, agents visited around 13,000 cases of Tegucigalpa for a fumigation and nest destruction campaign.

Health Minister, Yolani Batres, added that “the interventions have been very effective. However, we must continue a follow-up. In some areas, we found closed houses or abandoned lots filled with garbage. We must also return to visit and check other sites to ensure the right actions have been taken.”

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