Hong Kong to attract more talents

Hong Kong’s Director of Immigration says the city needs a vast number of talents and its Immigration Department will work to attract talents worldwide through optimizing the immigration policy.

Chan Kwok-k, Hong Kong’s Director of Immigration, says due to the low birth rate and long average life span, Hong Kong’s population is aging rapidly.

He says it is estimated that Hong Kong’s labor force will decline around 2018, which will directly influence the competitiveness of the city.

SOUNDBITE(CANTONESE)CHAN KWOK-K, Hong Kong’s Director of Immigration
“Hong Kong is a small place that lacks natural resources. So what we need most is talents. That’s why Hong Kong has been striving to attract outside talents to the city as the Hong Kong itself does not have enough talents to deal with the city’s development. We hope to make it by optimizing the immigration policy.”

According to Chan, the department has unveiled multiple policy plans to attract talents, offering more chances for those from the Chinese mainland, and encouraging overseas Chinese to return.

SOUNDBITE(CANTONESE)CHAN KWOK-K, Hong Kong’s Director of Immigration
“About 800,000 Hong Kong people have moved overseas including Canada, America and Europe since the 1980s. Though their children do not have Hong Kong permanent residence due to international law, they are familiar with the culture here and we welcome them home.”

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