Horse fair shows noble equine tradition in Argentina

Nuestros Caballos, meaning Our Horses, is an exhibition that combines tradition and equestrian disciplines in Argentina. More than 200 Criollo horses participate in competitions on horse racing tracks, dressage, beauty and other activities symbolic of Argentinean horse-rearing traditions.

Horse breeders and trainers, veterinarians, manufacturers and distributors of horse feed, hygiene products and health equipment are found each year at Nuestros Caballos to discuss the latest developments and trends of the growing equine industry.

(Soundbite, Spanish) Gustavo Aguerre, president of the Criollo Horse Breeders Association
“In the beginning, the criollo was used as a war horse but now is a work horse. Today, while the Criollo is still used for field work, it also enjoys a very important sporting event with many functions. It is also a familiar place for families to enjoy horse riding displays and the animals themselves.”

More than 1,000 horses attend the exhibition, while 13 races bring together the best horses from around Argentina and neighboring countries over the five days of the show. Another 700 horses compete in tests of skill, beauty pageants and in auctions.

The visitors also enjoy performances by gauchos and examples of old-fashioned carriages.

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