Hot Pursuit rushes into Mexico City

Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon made a good pair to showcase the funny contrast and chemistry between plump beauty and skinny cop.

Fans got a chance to personally experience their magic moments Monday in Mexico City, as a red-carpet ceremony was held to highlight the local premier of their film “Hot Pursuit”.

Reese Witherspoon delivered a tone of cold humor in the movie, which she herself produced and was directed by Anne Fletcher.

Sofia Vergara, as newcomer to Hollywood, expressed her gratitude for being cast in this action-comedy pasted with a feminine label

(Soundbite) Sofia Vergara, Colombian Actress
“I’ve been very lucky. Really it is not easy (to make a success in Hollywood). Not many productions, there are not many roles for Latinos who are good. Fortunately, they do not mind my accent and the Americans have accepted my Gloria Briget role with so much love. It opened the door for me to have a career in America.”

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