How to perceive Japan’s Historical Revisionism

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the victory of world’s anti-fascist war. During that time, millions of Chinese soldiers and civilians as well as allies fought bloody battles with the Japanese fascists, leaving them with no choice but to surrender unconditionally.

However, 70 years later, the Japanese government and the right-wing forces have taken several attempts to deny and whitewash its history of aggression, including denying the Nanking Massacre, visiting the Yasukuni Shrine, distorting facts in history textbooks, and covering up the crime of procuring the comfort women. Furthermore, they have also tried to propagate the agenda that denied Japan’s full wartime responsibility and the Tokyo tribunal, seeking to undermine the peace constitution and lift bans on collective self-defense.

These activities hurt the feelings of the victims of WWII once again, and have been criticized by many world-renowned scholars.

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