Huawei unveils P9 smartphone in Costa Rica

Huawei unveils P9 smartphone in Costa Rica

China’s telecommunication giant Huawei on June 15 unveiled its flagship smartphone P9 in San Jose, featureing a camera with dual Leica lenses to help users get sharp snapshots.

(Soundbite, Spanish) Andrea Corrales, Director of Huawei Branch in Costa Rica
“Why are we first of all to introduce the Huawei P9 in Latin America? This is due to great sales success of its predecessor P8 in Costa Rica last year. In the first six months of 2015, P8 sales reached 30,000 units. Today, one percent of the population in Costa Rica is proud owners of Huawei P8. Now with the P9 we are presenting today in Escazu, we hope to replicate this success.”

Costa Rica was the first country in Latin America where Huawei launched its P9, whose two Leica lenses can provide greater depth of image, almost equaling the professional quality.

(Soundbite, Spanish) Andrea Corrales, director of Huawei terminal for Costa Rica
“In 2015 Huawei managed to position itself as the number one brand of smartphones in the country, with our market share higher than 26 percent. We were the leading brand last year, and one of every four smartphone sold in Costa Rica were from Huawei.”

The photos exhibited at the inauguration were taken by Costa Rican photographer Cristian Sanchez, whose works once got published by the National Geographic.

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