Hugo Chavez remembered on his 62th birthday

Motorcades trickled to western Caracas on July 28 to commemorate the 62nd birthday of former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, who died of cancer in March 2013.

(Soundbite) DANIEL APONTE, District Official
“July 28 is for the ultimate expression of love of the Bolivarian people, or the Chavista people, for the birthday of Father of the Bolivarian Revolution and our commander Hugo Chavez.”

The remains of Hugo Chavez were kept in a mausoleum in the 23 of January hillside slum.

(Soundbite) NICOLAS MADURO, President of Venezuela
“If it was worth anything, the life example that we were given 62 years ago, it was to have this giant that woke us, shook us and empowered us.”

During his presidential career, Hugo Chavez initiated the so-called Bolivarian Revolution, which benefited the grassroots in health and education with profits from the country’s rich oil reserves.

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