Human or mechanical error to blame for Indonesian crash?

The Indonesian authorities have grounded all C-130B aircrafts in its Air Force fleet.
The move comes after one such plane crashed on Tuesday, killing 113 people on board.
The crashed plane had a service history of some 50 years.
The plane ploughed into a residential area in one of Indonesia’s largest cities.
The Lockheed C-130 Hercules transporter has so far registered a worldwide safety ratio of about one crash for every 250,000 flying hours.
This is a rather safe flight record.
Indonesia, however, witnessed several C-130 crashes.
Local media reported the pilot had requested to return to its departing airport due to technical problems aboard.
Local residents at the crash site saw the plane circling low a couple of times before crashing.
An Indonesian Air Force spokesperson said it was unclear what had caused the crash.

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