Humboldt penguins celebrate World Penguin Day in Lima

Forty-one Humboldt penguins enjoy their World Penguin Day on April 25 in Leyendas Park in Lima, as some schools change their schedule to allow children coming here for the rare sight.

(Soundbite) Max Jimenez, Penguin Expert
“Children get a message on this species and how to preserve it. It also entertains the public because the process of environmental enrichment is meaningful.”

Humboldt penguin is solely found in South America, especially in Peru, Chile and Ecuador, and one of the 17 penguin kinds still existing worldwide.
The penguin was named in honor of German scientist Alexander von Humboldt, who traveled to the Pacific Ocean and found them in nature.

(Soundbite) Max Jimenez, Penguin Expert
“The Leyendas Park is an institution in the process of conserving this species. They are vulnerable, and at the same time educate the public a lot.”

The World Penguin Day coincides with the breeding season of the Humboldts.
They start to mate in April and each female will usually deliver two eggs.

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