ICBC Foundation opens class for Argentineans to learn Chinese

Fourteen students at Federico Youtchak’s class can now say greeting words in Chinese very fluently, thanks to the arrangement by the Foundation of Commercial Bank of China (FICBC) to train Argentineans to speak this other language that will prove very helpful for their future careers.

(Soundbite) Federico Youtchak,
Professor of Chinese at ICBC Foundation
“Argentina and China are strengthening links. At the same time the two countries are trying to link in the cultural field.”

Youtchak, who once studied in China and currently pursues a degree in History, has given Chinese classes for four years to secondary middle school students as well as bank employees.
The recent opening of an ICBC branch in Buenos Aires and the ensuing establishment of its foundation just provide him with another opportunity to expand his lecture of Chinese.

(Soundbite) Luis Trocoli,
Foreign Relations Student at ICBC Foundation
“I am very happy as I practice at the class. We have classes twice a week in the morning.”

Since the participation and patronage of ICBC’s foundation, Youtchak has seen more and more local students and youth come to learn the allegedly most complicated and difficult language in the world.

(Soundbite) Luis Trocoli,
Foreign Relations Student at ICBC Foundation
“Studying Chinese is good for my career. This is why I decide to enroll in the course.”

By speaking Chinese, the learners expect to benefit from the burgeoning Chinese-Argentinean ties.
China is now Argentina’s second largest trading partner after Brazil and the second destination for its agricultural products.

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