Ill-treatment of tiger cub in Shanghai Wild Life Park triggers animal welfare concerns

In a recent move, Shanghai Wildlife Park has temporarily suspended its photo op with the tiger cubs after the caretaker and visitors were seen mishandling the animal in a video footage.

The video showed the caretaker grabbing the cub’s neck and limbs, as he coaxed children to hold the tiger for a photo, prompting calls for greater animal welfare after it was shared on Sina Weibo.

In China, animal welfare is still a topic under the radar, and there have been many instances where animals have been mistreated. Photos of a polar bear trapped in a mall in Guangzhou to gratify shoppers and the slaughter fest of dogs in Yulin in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has brought the issue to the forefront in recent months.

China’s law on protection of wildlife bars people from maltreating animals. A regulation drafted by the Chinese Association of Zoological Gardens also forbids people from approaching wild animals too closely.

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