“Imperialist domination” and OAS denounced at ACS summit

As Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro walks up the steps of the Palace of Revolution in Havana, he knows his country will be one of the keynotes of the 7th Summit of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) opening during the first weekend of June.

(Soundbite) Raul Castro, Cuban President
“I reiterate our view that the OAS since its foundation was, is and will be an instrument of imperialist domination and that no reform can change its nature and its history. Therefore, Cuba will never return to OAS.”

As Venezuela’s closest ally, Cuba was suspended by the Organization of American States (OAS) for nearly five decades but was invited back in 2009, although the island country has so far refused to rejoin.

Earlier this week, OAS secretary general Luis Almagro called to invoke the organization’s Democratic Charter to suspend Venezuela, due to alleged “human rights violations and lack of democracy.”

(Soundbite) Raul Castro, Cuban President
“We cannot remain indifferent to the turmoil taking place in Latin America and the Caribbean, as a result of imperialist and oligarchic counter-offensive against the popular and progressive governments that emerged after the failure of neo-liberal governments, which constitutes a threat to peace, stability, unity and regional integration.”

Nineteen presidents and prime ministers from ACS with 25 member states are expected to approve the Havana Declaration at the summit.

The declaration focuses on political issues like the United States blockade on Cuba, the Venezuelan crisis as well as the joint action plan for the economic and commercial cooperation among the member nations for the next two years.

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