India renewable power share still low

India became the world’s third largest producer of electricity in 2013.

However, renewable power constitutes only about 28 percent of its total capacity.

At Power-Gen India and Central Asia, an expo focusing on clean energy, many exhibitors say the market potential for green energy in India is very huge.

Power-Gen for India and Central Asia was held in Indian capital New Delhi during Wednesday to Friday.

The expo attracted exhibitors on clean energy worldwide, including more than a dozen power companies from China.

As both India and China are developing countries with huge population and vast demand for energy, exhibitors from China believe the two countries have a great common ground in exploring new energies.

SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH): ZHAO MAI, Beijing SPC Environment Protection Tech Co Ltd
“Environmental pollution in China is quite serious now. So with our past 15 years of experience, we have developed our self-owned patent and we have finished with over 250 units and products in China. We heard that Indian market or India as a country just want to apply new policy for the environmental protection. India is quite industrial developing country in the world. So if this country want to develop its industry, the energy and environmental protection will be very important.”

And India is indeed trying to improve its energy structure.

In 2015 alone, the south Asian country invested more than 10 billion U.S. dollars in clean energy.

And some exhibitors brought some alternative energy sources to the energy-thirsty country.

“Already, there is an energy deficiency in India. Electricity problem is there in various parts of India in interior parts. So there, you can use…even you can use agriculture waste, APMC waste, kitchen waste and you can reduce (get away with) waste. And another thing is whatever residue is remaining inside the digester after getting methane gas out of it, that residue is also a pure natural fertilizer. So there is no waste (coming out of the process). You are providing full (support) to the environment and you are protecting environment in all ways.”

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