Indian PM Modi visits US

During Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s three-day visit to Washington, we took a look at the growing ties between the US and India. President Obama announced US support for India’s entry into the Nuclear Security Group, and US company Westinghouse also revealed plans to build six nuclear reactors in India. What’s driving the US-India relationship? What is the economic potential for the relationship, and are other factors at play? What should we make of the various complaints lodged against Indian polices that allegedly discourage US investment? Join us for a discussion with Li Li, Associate Research Fellow at the Institute of South and South-East Asian Studies of the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations; in New Delhi, Madhav Nalapat, UNESCO Peace Chair and Director of the Geopolitics and International Relations Department at Manipal University; and in Washington DC, Jeff Smith, Director of Asian Security Programs at the American Foreign Policy Council.

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