Indignant Rousseff vows to fight until end

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff became more combative on April 18 in Brasilia, and expressed “indignation” at the “betrayal” of her vice president, after losing an impeachment vote a day before in the Chamber of Deputies.

(Soundbite) Dilma Rousseff, Brazilian President
“You can not call a tentative impeachment of indirect election. For those who want to come to power, you do not have the vote of the people.”

Rousseff’s opponents accused her of delaying payments to state banks to artificially improve the appearance of public accounts during her 2014 re-election campaign.

(Soundbite) Dilma Rousseff, Brazilian President
“I am having my tortured dreams, my rights tortured, but they will not kill hope, because I know that democracy is always the right side of history.”

The Senate has received the motion and will decide within 24 days whether to start an impeachment trial over a 180-day suspension of the president.

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