Indonesian expert: high-speed railway deal sign of enhanced coop with China


Indonesia and China have signed an agreement to develop high-speed railway system to link Jakarta to Bandung.

An Indonesian expert says the deal was signed in a manner of enhanced cooperation between the two countries, but she adds that more such projects should follow up.


SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) DINNA WISNU, Indonesian Paramadina University
“I see that this plan to develop high speed rail in Indonesia by China has actually been planned for quite some time. It’s actually also included in the comprehensive strategic partnership between indonesia and China, which means that all along, both parties, Indonesia and China, have agreed to enhance the relationships between the two countries to the level that will benefit both countries a lot. We don’t know yet how this project will benefit Indonesia most. I’m among the parties who are quite skeptical that this will actually benefit a lot of Indonesians, because the link between the two cities are actually very short. But, nevertheless, Indonesia’s plan is part of a bigger plan to enhance the cooperation between Indonesia and China. Hopefully, there’s a long term plan subsequent to that plan.”

The project worth of 5.5 billion U.S. dollars is regarded as a positive signal for further connectivity be tween the two countries in the future.

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