Interview: Military parade in China is an honor for Afghan army

In an exclusive interview with New China TV, the Afghan army delegation that joined a military parade in China on Sept. 3, said their appearance at the grand ceremony has brought prestige to Afghanistan and presented a refreshing image of the Afghan army in the world.

“Our ministry team participated in the military parade which was conducted by China’s army. It was very successful, very good and very big. I think it was conducted with very good arrangement. We also received very warm reception from the Chinese people, Chinese government and also Chinese army.”

The Afghan servicemen were the first squad to appear at the parade among the 17 foreign troops represented in the military event.

SOUNDBITE (DARI) LT. COL. ABDUL RAHIM, Member of Afghan army delegation:
“I was very excited and it was breathtaking when marching at the Tian’anmen Square as hundreds of millions people were watching our squad worldwide.”

The delegation believed that the Afghan flag squad’s participation could boost the image of the Afghan army.

Both officers said they were impressed by the military hardware of the People’s Liberation Army of China displayed during the parade.

And they were also fascinated by the Chinese cultural and historical sites, such as the imperial palaces and the Great Wall that they have visited during their stay in China.

General Farahi said the V-Day commemoration in China has given them an opportunity to further enhance the military exchanges and cooperation between Afghanistan and China.

He said Afghanistan is facing challenges of the international terrorism and has suffered great losses and casualties in its protracted war against terrorism.

Farahi believed China can play a bigger role in regional issues, especially in maintaining regional peace and stability.

He adds that enhancing economic cooperation among countries in the region can help defeat terrorism.

On the peace process with Taliban, Farahi said the door of the Afghan government is open for those Taliban militants who are willing to renounce violence and stop killing people.

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