Int’l community to support Libya’s unity government

The international community is ready to answer Libya’s requests for supporting its military forces in the fight against the Islamic State (IS).

Leading foreign ministers from more than 20 countries met in Vienna on Monday to discuss how to bolster support for Libya’s unity government in the face of deepening splits in the country over political legitimacy and growing threats by the IS.

Speaking at a press conference after the meeting, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said it was imperative that the international community should support Libya’s s unity government, which is the only legitimate one in the country.

Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni said that the international community was ready to answer the Libyan government’s requests for training and assisting the Libyan military forces to combat networks, including the IS.

Since March, a national unity government has been gradually exerting its influence in Libya following years of unrest in the country.

However, the government faces political opposition from within Libya and the threat of the IS establishing a bigger foothold.

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