INT’L reaction to DPRK’s nuclear test

The UN Security Council on Wednesday “strongly” condemned the nuclear test of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) after the Council convened an emergency closed-door meeting on the DPRK.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday called the nuclear test conducted by the DPRK “deeply troubling and profoundly destabilizing”.

SOUNDBITE(English)BAN KI-MOON,UN Secretary-General
“This test once again violates numerous Security Council resolutions despite the united call by the international community to cease such activities. This act is profoundly destabilizing for regional security and seriously undermines international non-proliferation efforts. I demand the DPRK cease any further nuclear activities and meet its obligations for verifiable denuclearization.”

The 15-nation council, the only UN body that makes a legally biding decision, threatened additional action against Pyongyang.

Members of the Security Council called the test “a clear threat to international peace and security” after an urgent meeting.

According to a press statement, the members of the Security Council recalled that they have previously expressed their determination to take “further significant measures” in the event of another DPRK nuclear test.

The statement said “in line with this commitment and the gravity of this violation, the members of the Security Council will begin to work immediately on such measures in a new Security Council resolution.”

The surprise announcement by the DPRK that it successfully carried out its first hydrogen bomb test Wednesday morning jolted the international community.

After Pyongyang’s announcement, Seoul’s foreign ministry said South Korea and the United States plan to maintain a close cooperation after the nuclear test.

Soundbite(KOREAN):PARK GEUN-HYE, South Korean President
“We will work with the international community to make sure DPRK pay a corresponding price over the nuclear test.”

Meanwhile, reports say Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and U.S. President Barack Obama confirmed plans Thursday morning to closely coordinate their responses to DPRK’s nuclear test.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe earlier says Pyongyang’s test of a hydrogen bomb is a threat to his nation’s safety, adding that Tokyo will take strong action.

In the U.S., the White House said Wednesday initial Analysis indicates that the nuclear test conducted by the DPRK is “not consistent” with a hydrogen bomb.

At a regular briefing, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said nothing occurred in the last 24 hours has changed the U.S. assessment of the DPRK’s technical and military capabilities.

Earnest said intelligence agencies are continuing to gather evidence to determine the nature of the test.

The spokesman also reiterated the “rock-solid” commitment of the United States to the safety and security of South Korea and Japan.

Chinese Foreign Ministry says China “firmly” opposes the latest nuclear test conducted by DPRK, adding that that the Korean Peninsula should be denuclearized.

Pyongyang has announced that it conducted a successful test of a hydrogen nuclear device on Wednesday.

The announcement came shortly after a 4.9-magnitude earthquake was detected in the northeast of the country.

This is the fourth nuclear test carried out by the country.

According to a statement carried by the official news agency KCNA, the country’s top leader Kim Jong Un ordered the test on Dec. 15, and signed the final written order on Sunday.

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