Investigation into Brussels attacks

In the aftermath of the bombings that killed 31 in Brussels, ten arrests have been made in Belgium, Germany and Paris. As the search for suspects continues, Belgium and other EU nations face questions about the failures of intelligence that contributed to the attacks. European police agency Europol has admitted that the terror threat is more extensive than first feared. Are security forces, including intelligence organizations in both Europe and the US, prepared for the growing threat of terrorism? What will be the key to exposing the growing network of militants now stretching across Europe? And as these countries struggle to contain the threat of ISIL, how will they balance the self-proclaimed European values of human rights, freedom and inclusiveness against the need to crack down on terrorism? Join us for an-depth discussion with Mr. Cui Hongjian from the China Institute of International Studies; Joav Toker from the American Graduate School in Paris; and Mr. Raymond Tanter, a former member of the White House staff and Emeritus Professor at the University of Michigan.

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