Iraq War Inquiry: Who to blame?

The British public inquiry into the nation’s role in the 2003 Iraq invasion has published a 2.8 million-word report, seven years in the making. Sir John Chilcot, who led the inquiry, said Britain’s plans to manage occupation following the 2003 invasion were “wholly inadequate”. Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, who has been accused of misleading the UK into the war, is facing severe criticism. Can we make conclusions about who is to be blamed for the high death tolls of the Iraq War? Should Blair face charges? And what lessons can be gleaned from the damning report? Join us for a discussion with Dr. Glen Rangwala, lecturer of Middle East politics at the University of Cambridge; in the Middle East, Mr. Renad Mansour, an El-Erian Fellow at the Carnegie Middle East Center; and in the US, Mr. Jonah Blank, senior political scientist at the RAND Corporation.

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