Is this the ease of living that was promised by NDA Govt? | The Newshour Debate (17th June)

On the Newshour Debate with Madhavdas Gopalakrishnan,  Why are the majority of the spokespersons and senior leaders from the JDU and BJP avoiding questions from the media?
Is this the ‘ease of living’ and ‘ache din’ that NDA promised to bring on returning to power?
Having failed to prevent the deaths of more than 100 children, shouldn’t the union health minister and the Bihar health minister step down? 
Can the Deputy Chief Minister be out of the state when the state is dealing with a severe health crisis?
Can Netas in Bihar absolve themselves of any accountability for the crisis, having failed to prevent deaths despite outbreaks in the past?
Shouldn’t Dr. Harsh Vardhan have summoned an urgent meeting during the start of the outbreak to take preventive measures? 
Doesn’t the conduct of MoS health and Bihar state health minister indicate a lack of seriousness in dealing with a tragedy?
By singling out consumption of lychee as the reason for the outbreak, are Netas evading accountability for their failure to improve medical infrastructure?

India shocked as over 100 children succumb to Encephalitis that can be easily prevented through vaccination. Will NDA punish the cast of apathetic ministers at Center & state for failing their basic duties. 
‘Snooze,’ ‘shun,’ ‘shock,’ this is how NDA Mantris mock your plight. Over 100 toddlers dead in Bihar due to encephalitis outbreak, but ‘for our Netas, cricket comes first?’


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