Israel pledges harsher measures against Jewish extremists

The Israeli security cabinet has called for a crackdown on Jewish extremists with harsher measures.

The decision was made after a Palestinian toddler was killed in an arson attack on his home.

The security cabinet, a forum of top government ministers, convened Sunday evening.

The cabinet approved the use of all means at the disposal of security agencies, including the use of administrative detention for Jewish far-rightists suspected of involvement in anti-Palestinian terrorism.

Administration detention is a tool used by the Israeli defense establishment to lock up suspected militants.

The measure was controversial as it was used mostly against Palestinians.

However, it came onto Jewish extremists this time.

This comes after a Palestinian toddler was killed after his home in the northern West Bank was set ablaze on Friday morning, allegedly by Israeli Jewish settlers.

The security cabinet said it would seek to advance legislation that would fight against Jewish extremists and establish a ministerial committee in order to come up with solutions to prevent such attacks in the future.

Meanwhile, according to the Israeli prime minister’s office, an Israeli teenager stabbed at a Jerusalem gay pride parade died Sunday, three days after the attack.

“We will not allow the abhorrent murderer to undermine the fundamental values upon which Israeli society is based. We strongly condemn the attempt to instill hatred and violence in our midst and we will deal with the murderer to the fullest extent of the law.”

The attacker was a Jewish ultra-Orthodox man, who carried out a similar attack during the Jerusalem 2005 pride march, in which five were injured.

The attacker, released from prison just three weeks ago, appeared in court on Friday and was ordered to remain in custody.

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