Israeli Expo displays the future of drones

Whether for fighting or for deliveries, intelligence gathering or technological research, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) have become a major part of people’s lives and took the center stage earlier this week in the outskirts of Tel Aviv at the third annual Autonomous Unmanned System and Robotics Expo, where thousands of people came to check out the latest innovations in the field.

The event was organized by i-HLS, an Israeli media outlet dealing with homeland security issues in Israel.

It’s the 48th year that Israel has been developing unmanned systems, we celebrate this today. Israel is a leading force in unmanned systems, especially in the air.

UAV is a platform that is flying in the air, but it’s useless without the camera, without other systems. So Israeli companies have developed payloads that can see, that can listen, that can do other things and this is the secret. So when someone invents an aerial platform this is only part of the thing, you need a system – a system that has a ground control, a system, data link, and payload that can do the job.

SOUNDBITE: MEIR ZOREA, Founder of Artsys360
We are moving into the era of the third dimension, and there will be traffic of drones in the third dimension within urban cities. In order to enable that, you need to have a management system that will be able to monitor the traffic of drones. Management system, you have to sense the drones. So we are building a breakthrough technology of micro-radar, very small.

SOUNDBITE: AMIT REGEV, Founder & CEO of Colugo
The ARcopter is a revolutionary air craft. It’ s a VTOL – a vertical take-off and landing
aircraft – that can take off and land vertically of course. And what’ s unique about it is its wings, which make it triple the time (duration) that a normal Multicopter can fly and we are aiming for the delivery business, aerial delivery business, precision agriculture, first responders and lots more.

According to some experts who came from abroad to this conference, they told me that now they understand the place of Israel in unmanned system, because what they see here cannot be compared to any other country. Israel needed these systems for its defense, that’ s why Israeli companies are now in the forefront of the technology that is used in unmanned systems.

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